What is CI?

Continuous Integration (abbr. CI or CI/CD) is a tool that automates routine tasks such as running tests, code quality or deployment. It allows faster adoption of changes to master and quicker deployment. The compelling advantage of Gitlab CI is its Docker support; you can easily combine Docker images or run tests in containers.

Course Description

This course is ran in the form of a one day hands-on workshop where you will learn the importance of CI, the different versions of Gitlab CI and practice writing CI script for a sample project. The outcome will be a script for a simple project containing application build jobs, from tests to deployment.

Course outline

  • Generic introduction to CI
  • Introduction to Gitlab CI
  • Installation of Gitlab CI Runner
  • Work with CI Jobs
  • Creation of CI Pipelines
  • Deployment Automatisation
  • Docker and CI

Who Should Attend

The course is primarily aimed at developers who are using Gitlab and are wanting to start using Gitlab CI. At the same time, Gitlab CI might be the reason why people are transferring onto Gitlab. The course is also useful for DevOps who want to simplify their routine tasks with deployment automatisation.

Skill Requirements

  • Basic Linux knowledge
  • Basic Terminal knowledge
  • Basic Git knowledge is of benefit - Git training
  • Docker knowledge is of benefit - Docker training

Technical Requirements

  • Access to the internet - ideally without corporate proxy

Lektor: Ondrej Sika

A little bit of background about myself, I am a software engineer at Slush Pool and DevOps consultant, architect & lecturer. The Gitlab CI course is the second most popular training after Docker; the two are closely related. I lead all the courses myself. I am experienced in Gitlab CI from multiple projects and businesses. Almost all projects that I am working on are using Gitlab CI. Gitlab CI is making my work simpler and quicker - I don't have to worry about routine tasks such as deployment or application building, and I can spend time on tasks that generate profit.

Get in touch if you have any questions - happy hearing from you!



I consulted with Ondrej topics including Blockchain, GIT and development standards. I appreciate Ondrej's knowledge and experience in these areas. Ondrej is open minded person and discussions with him I found very fruitful.

Juraj Boldiš

Bohemia Energy

Ondrej came to help us with deployment Docker and Gitlab CI. Ondrej is very good in his field and I can just reccomend him. We did lot of thing in very short time, and we would'n be able to do it without him. I recommend him.

Matěj Kučera

University of Ecenomics, Prague

Ondrej trained our team in using Git and using the Docker. The course was excellent. Ondrej'sknowledge of devops is great. I highly recommend his courses. They have pushed us forward to automate daily processes.

Martin Kylián



Price for one day hands-on Git training

  • Open to public (self-funded): 400 GBP excl. VAT
  • Open to public (company-funded): 500 GBP excl. VAT
  • On-site training (on-site): 1 500 GBP excl. VAT

I Want the Gitlab CI Training

If you are interested in Gitlab CI workshop or have any questions, please let me know.

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